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    If there is something we know about investments – it is that they can be risky and volatile if done incorrectly or without proper research to back them up. One cannot simply put money into a company without knowing a thing about its business model, objectives, or flaws. Investors must be equipped with a certain level of knowledge and skills to be successful at their chosen occupation and to avoid bad deals as much as they can. Even so, before deciding on an answer to the ‘do we need investment training?’ question, let us see examine what such an activity implies.

    Why training?

    To become an investor, the first step is to find out what type of investments your interest lies in. The next step is to find a proper education program that also suits your taste and then make the most of it. Therefore, the main reason for taking a course in venture capital or private equity is to better understand what investors are getting themselves into when they choose this career path and how to prepare themselves for the future challenges ahead.

    We cannot forget about the main question as well: do we need investment training after all? Let us find out what they imply first.


    What happens during such programs?

    There are various course packages to choose from, but the most common ones are venture capital or private equity courses. A private equity course teaches students how to manage their portfolio of investments through due diligence, valuation techniques, multi-unit investing and risk management, while also delving into some of the general skills needed by investors such as financial literacy, discipline, or persistence. A venture capital course investigates the mechanisms that financially support the development of a startup or the expansion of a mature company. Whatever its main topic, such a course is meant to expand the horizons of those willing to do better.

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    Top 5 investment training programs

    It requires a lot of skills and knowledge to become a successful investor and there is no shortcut. Aside from the obvious truth that you need to learn the specifics of this profession, it is crucial to pick an adequate course that allows you to record progress step by step. Here are some programs meant to help clear out the confusion:

    • Udemy has a great range of courses on different topics in the field of investments. They offer lessons for both beginners and advanced students, guidance on choosing the right type of investment and most importantly a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it is a great place to answer the ‘do we need investment training?’ question.
    • Coursera offers both free and paid trainings on topics like private equity, venture capital and stock valuation. The platform has a great number of unpaid courses offered by prestigious universities around the world as well.
    • Coursary put together lessons from many individual instructors and so, has created a nice list of subjects that vary in difficulty. From tips to start investing in a few steps to investment principles or mastering venture capital, the platform is a good place to learn a few more things before jumping into a deal.
    • Invest Europe is The voice of private capital, providing a lot of trainings in private equity and venture capital.
    • Pipeline Angels hosts an annual angel investing boot camp for women investors, according to some clear requirements.

    Successful investors and dedicated individuals pursuing this type of career know the importance of learning and taking on new experiences. This can be done through various courses like financial management, personal development trainings, and investing courses like the ones mentioned above.


    Do we need investment training programs?

    Although some say being an investor is not a career fully dependent on completing relevant education, being a specialist does hold huge power over successful deals. We could say that the more experience and expertise an investor or an entrepreneur trying to become one has, the greatest the chance of wise investments.

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